What I have been up to.

If I were to write everything I’ve been up to lately then it’d be a very long post. I took an online class in digital sculpting with Zbrush, it was 10 intense weeks of hard work. I didn’t think it would be so hard to work full time and study full time, but with overtime at work I can tell you this: too much coffee and sugar and way too little sleep combined with a will of steel ended up in this edited render.


Even though this class was really hard, and I am only just now starting to get back into a daily rhythm I do hope there will be a second class (we all got to put ourselves on a mailing list if we would be interested and of course I did just so).

The sculpt was supposed to look like an old role-playing character of mine, but ended up a lot more different, still I am happy with the result and I learned a ton taking this class so I am happy I managed to pull through.