Project 1001 #161 – 164 and Storm

#162, 163, 164. Expression studies ~20-30 min on each one.

Stare into the flame
As it ignites the kindling
Let the flame breathe now.
(Haiku is not written by me, added it cause it inspired me. Found it here)
Storm, a piece I’ve been working on for a while. I feel like I over rendered it and made it too soft, onto the next project in my to finish off pile.


Project 1001 #148-151

Been feeling very worn out after the wedding portrait, aside from not spening much time home and therefor not having access to my tablet I’ve been studying the theory for my drivers license. Let me tell you I hate it, really I haven’t felt this stupid in a long time. I have taken a bachelor degree in arts making an A on my final thesis. But this, my brain just doesn’t connect at all. This is going to be a battle I tell you.

Anyhow, trying to get back to the daily portait thingy. Let me tell you I feel rusty…

#148. I was trying to mimic another artist, Emanuel’s Cosmic effect style. Finding it hard to blend the colors well. (Photoshop)

#149. The theme of the day when I painted this was Tibet. Ofcourse i wanted to draw myself as something diffrent than a monk so I googled Tibet female clothing and I recieved an image I used as a reference to this sketch.(Photoshop)

#150/#151. Playing around with the acrylic/oil and watercolor brushes in ArtRage.


Davids Ever After

So after receiving an e-mail from David saying that he and his bride were very happy about the portrait I got the okay to show the original reference used.
20130801_Davids ever after_pure_referencephoto
Original photo of David and his bride.

20130801_Davids ever after_reference
Since I wanted to make a portrait of David and focus on the couple I decided to crop part of the photo away making it more about them. I also tweaked around with some color balancing since the original photo were tinted by an orange sunlight.

20130729_Davids ever after_final_by_Mary-Q
For you who haven’t seen the final version of Davids Ever After. A .gif animation showing the process making it can be viewed in this blogpost.

Yesterday/early morning I wasn’t in the mood of starting the project 1001 again (will do tomorrow) so I decided to finish an old sketch lying around:20130801_BJD_Sketch_H_by_Mary-Q
BJD sketch. I used a photo of a BJD (Ball jointed doll) as reference for this sketch.

A .gif animation showing my work process on this sketch (you may have to press the image above in order to see the animation)


Project 1001 #142

Trying to do more than just portrait studies. Watched some more Ctrl+Paint but I am still on the unplugged series, so nothing that I can upload easily (traditional sketching). But here is todays portrait and some figure studies from pixelovely that I spent ~2 min on. Amazing how bad you get at it when you haven’t done any in a long time.


#142. Practicing depth, using big brush strokes and gave myself an annoying angle to work from. So it turned out a bit skewed today. Time spent on it ~45 min.

Figure studies ~2 min on each.


Project 1001 #138 to #140

Catching up Saturday: I got the feedback that my portraits are going well but that they lack some depth in between the areas around nose, mouth, chin, cheek and eyes. So I decided to work in black and white focusing on these areas today.

.gif animation showing the process in making portrait #140 (You might have to press the image in order to see the animation)


Project 1001 #131-134

I’ve been feeling rather crappy this weekend. Fevery, pain all over, my neck being so stiff I haven’t been able to move and nausea due to the beeping noise in my ears. So haven’t done much but eat, sleep and read A clash of Kings. Decided to experiment with watercolors so here are the results of that, the last one is a digital over-paint. I ruined the paper with too much water wanting to add more pigment in the colors using my fingers instead of the brush.

0131_small_by_Mary-Q 0132_small_by_Mary-Q 0133_small_by_Mary-Q0134_small_by_Mary-Q

I do hope you’ve had a better weekend than mine!