That fun moment when your laptopscreen..

Starts to flicker and bluescreen at you and then at regular intervals continues to flicker at you… Yeah needless to say I am backing up all my stuff now before doom happens…..

I’ve noticed that the only thing that really gets a lot of attention in my work are the eyes, about to change that so hence me doing studies:

Nose studies. 10 min per nose made using My Wacom and Photoshop.

Lip studies. 10 min per lip also made using My Wacom and Photoshop.


The technique I figured out in order to remember how to draw the shapes of the upper lip. Fishy kiss =^3^=


Project 1001 #177/#178 and Butterfly

So the reason why you haven’t sen any updates from me lately is because I had to study hard in order to take my drivers license. And I passed the 12th sept, after that I’ve been having flus and felt sick in combination with not feeling any urge for creativity at all.

#177. A silly I made the day after I’ve taken my license.

#178. 30 min study from photo ref made today.

Butterfly. A small doodle that I decided to finish off earlier today.


Project 1001 #161 – 164 and Storm

#162, 163, 164. Expression studies ~20-30 min on each one.

Stare into the flame
As it ignites the kindling
Let the flame breathe now.
(Haiku is not written by me, added it cause it inspired me. Found it here)
Storm, a piece I’ve been working on for a while. I feel like I over rendered it and made it too soft, onto the next project in my to finish off pile.