That fun moment when your laptopscreen..

Starts to flicker and bluescreen at you and then at regular intervals continues to flicker at you… Yeah needless to say I am backing up all my stuff now before doom happens…..

I’ve noticed that the only thing that really gets a lot of attention in my work are the eyes, about to change that so hence me doing studies:

Nose studies. 10 min per nose made using My Wacom and Photoshop.

Lip studies. 10 min per lip also made using My Wacom and Photoshop.


The technique I figured out in order to remember how to draw the shapes of the upper lip. Fishy kiss =^3^=


been bad at updating this

For several reasons. Main one is me being in a slump, second is for my nickname. I felt Mary-Q would be a good nickname, short, easy to remember. However now I feel like it’s not that good any more. Been thinking of using something else, but I can’t decide what I want to aim for :S

Anyways here are a few things I’ve made during my slump:20140119_Dreamer_by_Mary-Q 20140119_Experiment_by_Mary-Q 20140201_sketch_by_Mary-Q 0012 bound by ivy


30 piece challenge: Favourite Place

20131210_Favoriteplace _by_Mary-Q
Favourite Place.

Not very original I guess, but aside from my desk my next favourite place is my bed. I’ve always been living small, loads of books and stuff scattered about the place but it has always been all squeezed into a small area. Therefor my bed has always served as a sofa, i literally did everything aside from sleeping in it at a point when I was studying at the university. I would fall asleep in this other old worn out sofa cause I couldn’t feel at ease when I tried to sleep in my own bed. Today I can though, I love just cuddling into my big pillows that serves as backrest when my bed is in “sofa mode” together with a book or just laying down listening to music.

Felt fun to paint something that isn’t a portrait, need to do more studies like this.


Wacom intuos Manga tryout

So I ordered myself a Wacom Manga tablet. Something that I could easily pack with my laptop when I am going somewhere. The feeling of painting with it is good, but the nib already started to wear off doing these two sketches. As  it didn’t come with any extra nibs I can say I am a bit disappointed. Been in contact with Wacom in order to get to know what nibs would fit so I can order more.

I don’t care if it’s considered their “budget” tablets. Really? 2 sketches? Bad construction, dudes.



A .gif animation showing the process behind Bubble. (You may have to click the image below in order to view the animation)