Project 1001 #107 – #113

Sorry that I’ve been so bad at updating this blog. Past week was full of happenings not really centering around my existence but around people I care so I’ve been busy attending to them and these events. The only time I’ve managed to steal for myself has been to reading books and watching a movie when I’ve been so exhausted that I don’t know what to do, or rather I have known what I could do but just felt too weak to do anything. My driving lessons are getting better which is nice but all my horrible eczemas are back again. I hope it won’t get as bad as last time, I get them due to inner stress. And this week is when we get to know how the negotiations regarding what people is going to get sacked from work. I do hope they won’t prolong the negotiations, I really just want to know what’s going on so I can adjust to that.

Anyways, small insignificant life problem rant over, here are the portraits I haven’t posted:

0107_0108_small_by_Mary-Q0109_small_by_Mary-Q  0110_0111_small_by_Mary-Q 0112_0113_small_by_Mary-Q

I’ve also been busy working on a wedding picture a friend requested me to do, will post progress and stuff when it’s done.


Project 1001 #30 / Post it & Water color doodles

#30, 45 min. Thought my Wacom died yesterday as I accidentally managed to drown it in coffee and the pen wouldn’t react at all. But when I got home after work today It worked again *safe* Lets hope it’ll be okay for a while longer and that it’s not a final spasm or something.

Nabiha – The Enemy.

Some post it doodles and more water color below: