Project 1001 #146-147

#146 Attempting to paint a self portrait of what I’d look like if I were one of the characters in the How to train your dragon movie.
#147 Post apocalypse theme in the 1001 portrait group. I tried to depict myself as a kind of zombie.
.gif animation showing my work process on #147 (you may have to press the image above in order to see the animation)


Project 1001 #142

Trying to do more than just portrait studies. Watched some more Ctrl+Paint but I am still on the unplugged series, so nothing that I can upload easily (traditional sketching). But here is todays portrait and some figure studies from pixelovely that I spent ~2 min on. Amazing how bad you get at it when you haven’t done any in a long time.


#142. Practicing depth, using big brush strokes and gave myself an annoying angle to work from. So it turned out a bit skewed today. Time spent on it ~45 min.

Figure studies ~2 min on each.


Project 1001 #138 to #140

Catching up Saturday: I got the feedback that my portraits are going well but that they lack some depth in between the areas around nose, mouth, chin, cheek and eyes. So I decided to work in black and white focusing on these areas today.

.gif animation showing the process in making portrait #140 (You might have to press the image in order to see the animation)