What I have been up to.

If I were to write everything I’ve been up to lately then it’d be a very long post. I took an online class in digital sculpting with Zbrush, it was 10 intense weeks of hard work. I didn’t think it would be so hard to work full time and study full time, but with overtime at work I can tell you this: too much coffee and sugar and way too little sleep combined with a will of steel ended up in this edited render.


Even though this class was really hard, and I am only just now starting to get back into a daily rhythm I do hope there will be a second class (we all got to put ourselves on a mailing list if we would be interested and of course I did just so).

The sculpt was supposed to look like an old role-playing character of mine, but ended up a lot more different, still I am happy with the result and I learned a ton taking this class so I am happy I managed to pull through.


Sculpting – Rose of May

Finally I managed to have my third sitting with my beloved Beatrix sculpture.
In the Rose field - Where I left off_3d sitting_by_Mary-Q
Where I left off last time.

In the Rose field - Progress 1_3d sitting_by_Mary-Q
Tweaking the arms so that they are more even and changing her arm guard since it looked a bit flat. And yes that is my friends awesome Owl boy based off an In Flames cover sculpture you can see in the background.

In the Rose field - Progress 2_3d sitting_by_Mary-Q
This is how I created her long strands/curls of hair. I made a rope-like base in tinfoil and then added clay on top of it, which I curled and arranged on top of her head.

Gif animation showing the sides and back of the figure (click it).

In the Rose field - Progress 3_3d sitting_by_Mary-Q
As far as I got this time.

I still have a lot of tweaking left, so will probably be a full sitting of just adding that final detail. I am longing to put paint on her, soon soon :D


Sculpting – In the rose field 2

Yesterday I went to my friends Viktor and Magnus (Team Lando) and continued working some more on my Beatrix figure. Yesterday’s achievement was to start dressing the poor girl, I decided to add her arm-guard (which will need loads of more work still) and her belt.

Adding clothes - In the Rose field - by_Mary-Q
Got the tip that by adding small folds of clay where the edges of the clothes line up I don’t have to add a layer of clay everywhere in order to dress my Beatrix. Below you can see a poorly shot turnaround of how far I’ve got yesterday.

Second sitting - In the Rose field - by_Mary-Q

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend!


Sculpting – In the rose field

Hello everyone!
I hope you’ve had an awesome weekend. Currently listening to Imagine dragon’s – Radioactive and writing this blog post about my day yesterday. Finally I got to give my painting “Lucy” to its rightful owner, sorry that its took so long! And I also got to try sculpting clay for the first time. It was so much fun, can’t wait until the next time (all of the stuff needed is at my friends place so can’t work on it from home).

Wanted to share the progress of what I managed to achieve with the ever so awesome Team Lando’s help and guidance yesterday:

First I made a skeleton of wire to support her shoulders and then added tinfoil around it to create a base for the clay.
In the Rose field - Tinfoil phase by_Mary-Q

After that I added a pink soft clay to rough out the basic anatomy, together with more tinfoil in places where it was needed.
In the Rose field - Pink clay phase by_Mary-Q

And here I started to add a harder gray clay that is the one which you sculpt the details with.
In the Rose field - Gray clay phase by_Mary-Q

This is how far I got yesterday, can you see who it is going to be?
In the Rose field - Progress by_Mary-Q

Sorry that it just looks like a pair of female parts and a scary face so far but it is going to be my favorite game character, Beatrix from FF9. She will be standing in a bed of roses hence I will title this piece “In the rose field“.
In the Rose field - As far as I got the first sitting by_Mary-Q

Ahhrrg!! I just wanna sculpt all day. So much fun, can’t wait until the day I get to paint her ._.