Project 1001 #146-147

#146 Attempting to paint a self portrait of what I’d look like if I were one of the characters in the How to train your dragon movie.
#147 Post apocalypse theme in the 1001 portrait group. I tried to depict myself as a kind of zombie.
.gif animation showing my work process on #147 (you may have to press the image above in order to see the animation)


Project 1001 #118-123

I’ve been really bad at updating this thing lately. Days has kind of just floated together and I’ve been so tired. This is actually the first morning I’ve woken up early enough in order to take it easy and not stress around like an deranged chicken. Decided to go back to basics since I realized I only do portraits so currently aside from studying for my drivers license I also study art on the various free tutorials you can find over at Ctrl+Paint. Here is this past weeks potpourri of portraits I haven’t uploaded so far:

#118 – 121. Wanted to catch up, practiced using a large brush and spent 15 minutes on each portrait.




#123. Wanted to try to use Ctrl+Paints carving technique. Not used to it, and I’ll need a lot of practice but I feel this is a useful and practical way of going about things. It’s hard to reprogram yourself once you’ve started to go about things a certain way.


Project 1001 #107 – #113

Sorry that I’ve been so bad at updating this blog. Past week was full of happenings not really centering around my existence but around people I care so I’ve been busy attending to them and these events. The only time I’ve managed to steal for myself has been to reading books and watching a movie when I’ve been so exhausted that I don’t know what to do, or rather I have known what I could do but just felt too weak to do anything. My driving lessons are getting better which is nice but all my horrible eczemas are back again. I hope it won’t get as bad as last time, I get them due to inner stress. And this week is when we get to know how the negotiations regarding what people is going to get sacked from work. I do hope they won’t prolong the negotiations, I really just want to know what’s going on so I can adjust to that.

Anyways, small insignificant life problem rant over, here are the portraits I haven’t posted:

0107_0108_small_by_Mary-Q0109_small_by_Mary-Q  0110_0111_small_by_Mary-Q 0112_0113_small_by_Mary-Q

I’ve also been busy working on a wedding picture a friend requested me to do, will post progress and stuff when it’s done.


Project 1001 #106

#106. Played around with some new artsy brushes. I can’t really control this smudge/spatula like brush that I used for the skin and hair. It all kind of just became this brown dough but it feels so nice to paint with, really smooth so will definitely try to implement it to one of my favorites.


Project 1001 #99


#99, I managed to fall asleep in my chair when I made todays portrait. So sadly no idea of how long it took to do. Silly Ronja (my kitten and sidekick) it’s bad of you to take advantage of one of my greater weaknesses, which is  when a cat is purring.

There is just something about it that makes me relax so easily.