Project 1001 #30 / Post it & Water color doodles

#30, 45 min. Thought my Wacom died yesterday as I accidentally managed to drown it in coffee and the pen wouldn’t react at all. But when I got home after work today It worked again *safe* Lets hope it’ll be okay for a while longer and that it’s not a final spasm or something.

Nabiha – The Enemy.

Some post it doodles and more water color below:



Project 1001 #18 / Post it doodles

#18, 50 min. Cast shadows = interesting but a pain. Practise, practise and more practise.
Wish I could have my own dragon. We’d fly and see the world, and if someone messed with me I’d let my companion burn them to crisp.


Project 1001 #17 / Post it doodles


#17, 35 min. Being distracted today. My cat is having kittens and I’m desperately trying to find homes for them. So many areas that bugs me but I’ve decided to post them all. Even the bad ones.