Project 1001 #138 to #140

Catching up Saturday: I got the feedback that my portraits are going well but that they lack some depth in between the areas around nose, mouth, chin, cheek and eyes. So I decided to work in black and white focusing on these areas today.

.gif animation showing the process in making portrait #140 (You might have to press the image in order to see the animation)



My fictional Sanctum2 (Coffe Stain Studios) OC (character I dreamed up after playing/reading game content). I’ve started to brainstorm a little story around her and I am in the process of writing it (will share when I deem it finished). Here is a watercolor and ink/gel pen painting I made of her.
I’m not really used to the watercolor medium but with these neat water holding brushes I’ve got it’s one of the easier color art mediums to carry around.

Will try to do this more often, sharing cause I thought it’d be interesting to see something that isn’t my face for a change.


Project 1001 #131-134

I’ve been feeling rather crappy this weekend. Fevery, pain all over, my neck being so stiff I haven’t been able to move and nausea due to the beeping noise in my ears. So haven’t done much but eat, sleep and read A clash of Kings. Decided to experiment with watercolors so here are the results of that, the last one is a digital over-paint. I ruined the paper with too much water wanting to add more pigment in the colors using my fingers instead of the brush.

0131_small_by_Mary-Q 0132_small_by_Mary-Q 0133_small_by_Mary-Q0134_small_by_Mary-Q

I do hope you’ve had a better weekend than mine!