Davids Ever After

So after receiving an e-mail from David saying that he and his bride were very happy about the portrait I got the okay to show the original reference used.
20130801_Davids ever after_pure_referencephoto
Original photo of David and his bride.

20130801_Davids ever after_reference
Since I wanted to make a portrait of David and focus on the couple I decided to crop part of the photo away making it more about them. I also tweaked around with some color balancing since the original photo were tinted by an orange sunlight.

20130729_Davids ever after_final_by_Mary-Q
For you who haven’t seen the final version of Davids Ever After. A .gif animation showing the process making it can be viewed in this blogpost.

Yesterday/early morning I wasn’t in the mood of starting the project 1001 again (will do tomorrow) so I decided to finish an old sketch lying around:20130801_BJD_Sketch_H_by_Mary-Q
BJD sketch. I used a photo of a BJD (Ball jointed doll) as reference for this sketch.

A .gif animation showing my work process on this sketch (you may have to press the image above in order to see the animation)


Davids Ever After

One of my work colleagues got married this summer. Since he is such a nice person I wanted to paint a wedding related portrait for him. Having wanted to dip into digital plein air for a while (still am) I had purchased this Digital Painting issue by Imagine FX in order to read the reviews of various tablets a while back. Flipping through the pages I immediately got hooked on the cover made by Jane Radstrom and thought that a painterly and loose style like that would fit really well for Davids wedding picture.

The wedding day arrived and passed, when I told some of my other colleagues about this idea of making a portrait for David they got excited and helped me get a hand on some photos from the couple taken during their wedding day.

I’ve been working on this piece for quite a while. Plan was to put the portrait as background on his desktop at work in order to surprise him when he got back from his vacation. That said and done, I waited, hoping to hear a word from him and that he’d liked it. But 1 hour passed then 2. Later I got the sad news that he is off sick for at least a week. As I am writing this blog post I’m composing an e-mail wishing him well and sending the low res image to him, the high res is so big that he can actually make an A3 print out of it if he wanted to. I wanted to post the photo I used as a reference but without his consent I wont.

If I were to redo it again I’d use brushes with more texture and also keep it looser. I have the nasty habit of wanting to render images for decades. And also have kept the portrait made by Jane Radstrom up all the time so that I’d carry that inspiration with me while working on this piece.
20130729_Davids ever after_final_by_Mary-Q
Davids Ever After

A .gif animation showing my work process on Davids Ever After (you may have to press the image above in order to see the animation)


Project 1001 #142

Trying to do more than just portrait studies. Watched some more Ctrl+Paint but I am still on the unplugged series, so nothing that I can upload easily (traditional sketching). But here is todays portrait and some figure studies from pixelovely that I spent ~2 min on. Amazing how bad you get at it when you haven’t done any in a long time.


#142. Practicing depth, using big brush strokes and gave myself an annoying angle to work from. So it turned out a bit skewed today. Time spent on it ~45 min.

Figure studies ~2 min on each.