Project 1001 #148-151

Been feeling very worn out after the wedding portrait, aside from not spening much time home and therefor not having access to my tablet I’ve been studying the theory for my drivers license. Let me tell you I hate it, really I haven’t felt this stupid in a long time. I have taken a bachelor degree in arts making an A on my final thesis. But this, my brain just doesn’t connect at all. This is going to be a battle I tell you.

Anyhow, trying to get back to the daily portait thingy. Let me tell you I feel rusty…

#148. I was trying to mimic another artist, Emanuel’s Cosmic effect style. Finding it hard to blend the colors well. (Photoshop)

#149. The theme of the day when I painted this was Tibet. Ofcourse i wanted to draw myself as something diffrent than a monk so I googled Tibet female clothing and I recieved an image I used as a reference to this sketch.(Photoshop)

#150/#151. Playing around with the acrylic/oil and watercolor brushes in ArtRage.


My first exhibition – Girls and magic

The central theme for this exhibition is girls and magic, the two things I love to paint and read about in books.

Bloody Claire and Black Lily

Bloody Claire and Black Lily are characters some of you might have seen before since I drew this particular piece way back. They are characters I felt the urge and need to draw after reading Brandon McHugh’s Lost in Fae: A Deadly Dance. You can find the novella here.


Lucy is a character that belongs to Team Lando and is the rendered result of one of the daily sketches in my May challenge earlier this year.


Uninvited is an image I created after a dream I had. I dreamt of a girl walking into a flowery mossy field feeling like she was in trance and caught a glance of this beautiful fae playing music. She wanted to leave but was just so taken by the music she kept walking in circles.

I got inspired and used this stock image by MariaAmanda on DeviantArt in combination with a photo I took of myself using the same pose wearing a cardigan.


Is a very personal piece for me, I wanted to portray how I feel. Almost every day I have to fight (mentally) to block out other peoples negativity, it’s a battle that is never ending.

Spirit Guide.

I’ve always loved the thought of having an astral creature that guides you in the right direction. It made me think of Native Americans and their connections to spirit animals.

Crow Song.

The brother of Phoenix Tears. I wanted to create two paintings where the characters looked at each other in a Yin Yang fashion.

Phoenix Tears.

The sister of Crow Song. Together they create Crow Song and Phoenix tears.

Seeking Guidance

A shaman asking for guidance in a time of important need. I wanted to try out a different style and new techniques here.


Is a piece based of the lovely Miss Naily who you can find here.

She is such a bright and outgoing person with the heart in the right place, thank you for giving me this opportunity to shine, this one is for you.

Personally my favourite is Uninvited, which one do you like most out of these and why?


Please respect me as an artist and these pieces and do not copy, claim or sell any of them. If people are interested I’ll look into how I could sell and distribute them.

Edit: This applies  for only a couple of the pieces, will come back with reasons as to why it is this way in a new post.

Artrage tryout

So I recently bought this neat little program and decided I wanted to try to do something in it. As always when you start out with new software you have this learning curve to battle, interface and how to use it etc.

Stumbled along this tutorial made by GBWhisper on deviantart and also found this lovely stockimage by CathleenTarawhiti.

Since I just want to learn the tools more I decided to take inspiration from this photograph but just make it a portrait. As always I tend to deviate quite a bit from references and I went far, far off the painting tutorial. Think I followed the first 3 step and then went nuts.

It kind of doesn’t look like her at all, but credit where credit is due. And more practise, practise, practise for me.