What I have been up to.

If I were to write everything I’ve been up to lately then it’d be a very long post. I took an online class in digital sculpting with Zbrush, it was 10 intense weeks of hard work. I didn’t think it would be so hard to work full time and study full time, but with overtime at work I can tell you this: too much coffee and sugar and way too little sleep combined with a will of steel ended up in this edited render.


Even though this class was really hard, and I am only just now starting to get back into a daily rhythm I do hope there will be a second class (we all got to put ourselves on a mailing list if we would be interested and of course I did just so).

The sculpt was supposed to look like an old role-playing character of mine, but ended up a lot more different, still I am happy with the result and I learned a ton taking this class so I am happy I managed to pull through.


That fun moment when your laptopscreen..

Starts to flicker and bluescreen at you and then at regular intervals continues to flicker at you… Yeah needless to say I am backing up all my stuff now before doom happens…..

I’ve noticed that the only thing that really gets a lot of attention in my work are the eyes, about to change that so hence me doing studies:

Nose studies. 10 min per nose made using My Wacom and Photoshop.

Lip studies. 10 min per lip also made using My Wacom and Photoshop.


The technique I figured out in order to remember how to draw the shapes of the upper lip. Fishy kiss =^3^=