Project 1001 #273


Looked through all my self-portraits in a sideshow, and it got so painfully obvious how much problems I have with placing the eyes/nose and mouth combined with my complete lack of placing the jawline correctly. So for a while now I won’t not focus as much on colours/lightning but more on placing features correctly.

It was a painful watch through, but a necessary one I think.


A portrait made of my friend CosmiqueRays BJD. Finally I got around to finish it…
A poem I found online that somehow seem fitting:

Hypno Pixels

I sit hypnotized by your gelatinous physique clapping and jiggling
you are not mine
I can only look at you
this is a wish come partially true
I will not be with you
the you I see is on a screen
the you I see is in pixels
a gif captures your gelatinous physique gyrations,
I cannot touch you,
I reach forward to touch a screen and nothing more
only a daydream you can be
you hypnotize me ;but you are only pixels
where is the real you?
the real you is some where I cannot be or know of
all I have is a screen and pixels

Poem can be found here.