My fictional Sanctum2 (Coffe Stain Studios) OC (character I dreamed up after playing/reading game content). I’ve started to brainstorm a little story around her and I am in the process of writing it (will share when I deem it finished). Here is a watercolor and ink/gel pen painting I made of her.
I’m not really used to the watercolor medium but with these neat water holding brushes I’ve got it’s one of the easier color art mediums to carry around.

Will try to do this more often, sharing cause I thought it’d be interesting to see something that isn’t my face for a change.


Batman – I have questions

So this past weekend I have been working on an acrylic painting. Meant to be a birthday gift for my friends boyfriend that is turning 25. Thing is this couple already have everything they need. I can’t really give them anything decent but trinkets and possibly money. My friend has asked me to paint a painting for her for ages, and so I wanted to make one for them each. Since I didn’t have anything to give him I decided to paint him a portrait of his favorite character, Batman.

I have questions_progress_by_Mary-Q
Progress pictures

I have questions_before varnish_by_Mary-Q
Before varnish.

After varnish.

Now my friend wanted something traditional so this is made in acrylics on a canvas. Considering the fact that I haven’t really painted with acrylics for a long time and that I am not very good with drawing males this project scared me. But it is done now, and I hope he’ll like it as much as I do.
Now to plan my friends painting, she wants a girl painted Dia-del-muerto style, this is going to be fun :D


Project 1001 #30 / Post it & Water color doodles

#30, 45 min. Thought my Wacom died yesterday as I accidentally managed to drown it in coffee and the pen wouldn’t react at all. But when I got home after work today It worked again *safe* Lets hope it’ll be okay for a while longer and that it’s not a final spasm or something.

Nabiha – The Enemy.

Some post it doodles and more water color below: