been bad at updating this

For several reasons. Main one is me being in a slump, second is for my nickname. I felt Mary-Q would be a good nickname, short, easy to remember. However now I feel like it’s not that good any more. Been thinking of using something else, but I can’t decide what I want to aim for :S

Anyways here are a few things I’ve made during my slump:20140119_Dreamer_by_Mary-Q 20140119_Experiment_by_Mary-Q 20140201_sketch_by_Mary-Q 0012 bound by ivy


Weekly creativity challenge

Prompt Week #68

I am running out of creative prompts! Oh well.

This week I want you to incorporate a text/font in your art!

So it’s Text/Font week!

Go, go, go!

So I thought a lot about this piece, and in the end I think the message I wanted to give was lost. Here is my take on this theme:

A .gif animation showing the process behind it. (You may have to click the image below in order to view the animation)


Project 1001 #63 / Butterfly Dreams


#63, 30 min. Made with my own Photoshop brushes I created earlier today with the help of several tutorials in a book I bought a while ago.

Butterfly Dreams, Bubbles made using Apofiss tutorial which can be found here. Made for my friend H who is away on vacation at the moment. Hope you are having an awesome time!