Project 1001 #224-242

Work, studies and more work has filled up my days. Still uncertain if I am to keep this screen name or not but here goes the few portraits I had the time to create since the last time I tuned in here.
0224_small_by_Mary-Q 0225_small_by_Mary-Q 0226_small_by_Mary-Q 0227_small_by_Mary-Q0228_small_by_Mary-Q 0229_small_by_Mary-Q 0230_small_by_Mary-Q 0231_small_by_Mary-Q0232_small_by_Mary-Q 0233_small_by_Mary-Q 0234_small_by_Mary-Q 0235_small_by_Mary-Q 0236_small_by_Mary-Q 0237_small_by_Mary-Q 0238_small_by_Mary-Q 0239_small_by_Mary-Q 0240_small_by_Mary-Q0241_small_by_Mary-Q 0242_small_by_Mary-Q


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