Project 1001 #148-151

Been feeling very worn out after the wedding portrait, aside from not spening much time home and therefor not having access to my tablet I’ve been studying the theory for my drivers license. Let me tell you I hate it, really I haven’t felt this stupid in a long time. I have taken a bachelor degree in arts making an A on my final thesis. But this, my brain just doesn’t connect at all. This is going to be a battle I tell you.

Anyhow, trying to get back to the daily portait thingy. Let me tell you I feel rusty…

#148. I was trying to mimic another artist, Emanuel’s Cosmic effect style. Finding it hard to blend the colors well. (Photoshop)

#149. The theme of the day when I painted this was Tibet. Ofcourse i wanted to draw myself as something diffrent than a monk so I googled Tibet female clothing and I recieved an image I used as a reference to this sketch.(Photoshop)

#150/#151. Playing around with the acrylic/oil and watercolor brushes in ArtRage.


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